Meet Wendy!


My True Mountain Roots

Wendy was raised in the foothills of Western North Carolina. Her family roots are very deep in WNC. Her father was born in Murphy, N.C. and is a descendent of the 1,000 Cherokee that remained in Western N.C. and Tennessee when most were forced out and down the Trail of Tears. 


“I find genealogy so interesting. To see how we are connected to the places we pass by and find new relatives we didn’t know we had. The biggest thing is to see the struggles endured and how I exist because they resisted and persisted.”


Wendy received her Bachelor Degree in Political Science from UNC -Asheville (Go Dogs!) and her Master of Public Affairs from Western Carolina University (Go Catamounts!). During this time she has worked at law firms to help support her family and better understand law with hopes of obtaining a J.D. in the future.

“My mom asked if I was finished with my education when I graduated with my Masters. My answer was and is that I am never finished learning.”

Mission Statement

To focus on families first by addressing the lack of workforce housing, economic growth that leads to jobs for the region, and improving infrastructure such as broadband so that it is accessible to all of WNC which will lead to better work and educational outcomes for citizens. 


“No one should live paycheck to paycheck. No one should be one major health event or life expense from homelessness.”


To inspire Western North Carolinians to find common ground with their neighbors, to help each other, and to build relationships that allow our talents to culminate into the best possible place for our children to grow in.


To stay steadfast in service even when it is difficult. Having the courage to stand up for WNC even when it isn’t popular or easy. Doing what is right for all WNC not one particular group.


Wendy and her husband Joel have four children, William, Lena, and twin girls Andrea and Juliana. They also have two fur babies, Luna and Honey. They love to camp, hike, and fish and enjoy the beauty that is all around as much as they are able. They also like to ride bikes, sit around the bonfire and play board games. Wendy loves to watch the Flyers play Hockey and soak in the fleeting moments of childhood watching from the sidelines of her children's team sport events. 


“Family is so important, whether it is the family you are born into or the one you create, it is the foundation of society. Family is the common denominator among us all. We want to know they are happy, healthy, and safe. We must foster security and resiliency in American families through workforce development,  housing security,  diverse economy and jobs, as well as the education needed to be the best they can be. This will create a solid ground for families to build from.”



Loyalty, dedication, and commitment are sewn into the fabric of what makes Wendy who she is and how she shows up every day. She serves her community through volunteering and outreach through the Girl Scout Troop she has led for the past 8 years and coaching cheer at the middle school and high school level. 


“I look at volunteering in roles that allow me the opportunity to give young girls a strong female leader. Leading by example, showing up, being our best, and helping others because we all need each other at some point in our lives.”


After attending  public school  she joined the United States Navy.  Through her 11 years of service  in the Navy she was afforded the opportunity to see the  world and realize  how  lucky she was to grow up an American. 

“Serving in the military you earn respect through working hard, serving others, and being  a part of a team with a common vision and mission. As a female in the military, I had to work twice as hard for the same level of respect from my peers. It is that work ethic that I carry with me to this day.”