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Ground Rules | People First

“Focusing on family first by introducing legislation that will work with local government in order to provide a more diverse economy and job market, an increase in workforce housing, and improved education that trains our citizens for these new jobs will create a strong foundation for families to build from and grow.”

Truth* Honor* Service

Ground Rules

This campaign will not use inflammatory language. The trend in politics is to use buzzwords. Words such as “Weapon” or “Threaten.” I served 11 years in the military, with people from all types of backgrounds. If elected, I will bring the teamwork mentality to Congress. When elected I will not “bully,” or “lightly threaten,” my fellow elected Americans. I will work with them. As the saying goes, Teamwork makes the dream work. It is how the military works.

People First

You are the greatest asset to Western North Carolina and this great country. You have the skills to innovate, create, and manufacture anything we need or could want. Your dreams matter to me. My job as a representative is to open avenues for these dreams to come to fruition. I will be honest when it is not easy, I will sacrifice to make sure you have what you need, and most importantly I will prioritize you in Washington DC.

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