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Congressional Reform

We have all heard the term “draining the swamp,” Gaylord used it to speak about a capitalist swamp and Reagan to speak about bureaucratic inefficiencies. We are a powerful country with wealth and prosperity driven by enterprise and innovation. We must keep that in mind moving forward. I will move towards clearing inefficient processes while investing in our youth to promote innovation.

We need broad congressional reform, and one issue will not fix it all. There are many solutions, one being congressional staff pay. The people who answer the phones and help you find your lost social security check deserve to be paid for that work.

Reforming our election administration, campaigning, and voting is important to strengthen the capacity of governing institutions. The United States government is fully aware of when you turn 18 years old and if you commit a crime that causes you to lose your right to vote. With that said Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) is a policy that streamlines the way Americans register to vote. It is an opt-out vice opt-in process. If you do not want to be registered to vote then opt-out, if you do not want to vote even if registered then you do not. This saves the states money and helps to clean up the voter rolls.

Campaign finance reform is imperative to focus the priorities of elected officials back to the people they serve. My grassroots campaign is taking in donations from within the district and spending it here in the district as well. This money needs to remain in our district to support the businesses and talent we have locally in our mountains.

Democracy Day aka Election Day should be made a Holiday. Yes, this would only initially help Federal Employees however like every other Federal Holiday most American Industries have made these Holidays paid days off as well. In 2016 only 55.7% of American voting age population cast a ballot which rose in 2020 to 67%. We rank 26 out of 32 in voter turnout among developed democratic governments around the world. We can do better by highlighting our democracy and celebrating the pillar of each citizens role in it by making Election Day a Federal Holiday!

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