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Traditionally in the United States, education has primarily been parents' responsibility and local and state government. The U.S. Constitution says nothing about education, and therefore, according to the 10th Amendment, the federal government's role is limited.

With that said, education is extremely important to me as a mom and a lifelong learner. I went to public schools, and so have my four children. I substitute teach in K-12 public schools and see the needs that have not been met. I have served on the Parent Advisory Committee and School Improvement Team and have been leadership for the PTO.

We need smaller classrooms, more teachers and teacher's aids. There needs to be a way to get the necessary materials for students behind without burdening the school's budget. Teachers must get paid better; they have our nation's treasure in their influence daily and must be taken care of.

Students should have the opportunity to get technical training and certificate at the same time as graduating high school. Not all students are bound for college, and we must ensure our future workforce has the right skills to do the jobs American industries need.

College should not put students behind before even starting adulthood. College must be more affordable, and tuition could be forgiven for those in high-demand jobs like teachers and people in technology.

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